Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Next Chemo and Portugual

Really glad I went to Portugal.  Had a fantastic time, lovely  countryside with lots to see.  Weather was good and competition we entered was really worth doing.  I managed to compete in all 5 events - and not even last. We stayed in very up-marked accommodation for a fraction of English prices.

So it was back to England and straight into Chemo on Monday.  Really long session as it was a new regime - Dotaxele for those that are interested.  This one is clearly affecting me more than the other one.  I feel dire at the minute, but at least the tummy ache has gone and I just have the trotts!!!  I am sure this will be short lived and by about day 5 I should surface again.

Spending time buying smaller underwear in Marks and Spencer - has to be a must do for the new Spring wardrobe and shopping for a car.  Have to give my lease car back as am retiring, so for the first time in years I am car shopping - mustn't only concentrate on colour and storage space, but it is tempting.  Have decided on a Picasso zara or some such name in desire  - sounds the ultimate.   I like small people carriers especially ones that don't have a bridge in the middle to get all bits under.  I am looking for an automatic as knee is problem and automatics must be less strain on knees.  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Also want stay clean seats - leather maybe!
So all is not doom and gloom.  Lots more holidays to look forward to so best get back to surfing where to go when this lot of chemo comes to an end in July.

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  1. Hi Anita
    I didn't realise Portugal was so stripey! The cany canes look really yummy. How many did you get through? The man behind you in the cafe looks as though he is doing that mirror copying thing!
    Clare X