Thursday, 3 March 2011

Update from latest Scan done on Monday

As I am always short of breath and because of flying to Portugal on Friday the Consultant wanted me to have a pulmonary scan to make sure there was not fluid on the lungs.  These scans require you to have a contrast fluid passed into your veins through a cannula.  Due to my tough wriggly veins they could not cannulate me and had to do the scan without contrast - had nine attempts and after an arm like a pin cushion and 3 different medics from nurse through to doctor had tried, they threw in the towel.

I got the result today. Even without the contrast they could tell there was no fluid on the lungs - good news so okay to travel and I am packing now!  Bad news cancer has spread to lungs - they could see that without contrast so now in liver, lungs and bones, but I am sure there are lots of bits that it hasn't reached yet - toes still seem okay! Anyway the chemo I had planned for Monday 14th March is the same whether it is in lungs or not so no change to treatment plan, just got to get back and get treatment started and hope it slows down the progression.   Having found out how much of a lump sum I am getting for my retirement on ill health grounds from KCC, I need a bit of time to spend it.  Thought I would include photo of family at birthday meal recently - Nice frock don't you think!

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  1. You look just lovely in your new frock!

    Love Anne