Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Continuation of Exciting news - i published before I finished!

I pressed publish as I was dozing off last night and hadn't quite finished so here is the rest of my blog!

As I was blogging .... I have done quite a few Saunders Mountain Marathons in the past,so was a bit disappointed I was not going along to this one but have accepted now that climbing mountains might be a bit too much at present.  There is always next year though!

I can now see that with lots of time off from chemo I will start to feel better and have just planned a coast to coast type cycle along Hadrian's way in mid August with all the family (husbands and partners), and am competing at a multi day event in Scotland (orienteering) in about 3 weeks time - shame I didn't get the chemo on time for this cycle as I would have felt better for the Scottish event.  The Hadrian's Wall cycle which starts in Ravenglass, Cumbria on the west coast and takes you 174 miles north and then east to Tyne and Wear should be fun.  It will be the last time we can do a family thing together before Sarah gets rather too rotund for cycling and then after January next year we will be needing a baby buggy on the back of her bike!

We are also moving house very shortly.  Reading back over my blogs I can see the last time I wrote we were buying the Wadhurst house with big garden and large, large water feature in the garden - house was nice too.  However since then the house we really wanted up the road in Brenchley came back onto the market and we bid for that one again and hopefully will be exchanging contracts any day now.  I love this area and Brenchley means all my friends will still be close by and can drop in any time.    We will be right in the middle of Brenchley which will be lovely and convenient.  Can't wait to move now.  These last few days before exchange are nail bitingly stressful!

So really exciting time ahead, new grandchild, new house, at least two holidays booked and more to plan and no more more chemo for a while now I hope.

See you all at the house warming!

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