Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Exciting News!

I am going to be a grandma in January!  Can now reveal - although have known for a while that Sarah is pregnant.  Tim, her husband and Sarah wanted to wait until the end of the first trimester and the scan to announce it to all.  This has meant I have had to keep this exciting news to myself for a while,  So now I have finally been given permission to blog it.  I better get on and finish the cot quilt I started 28 years ago before Sarah was born.  I still have all the material cut out and appliquéd ready to sew on.  Also need some lessons on how to be a grandma or will it be nanny or gran or granny - Don't of course feel old enough to be any of those names.

I have now finally finished the chemo - more exciting news.  In my last blog I think I wrote that the plan was to do 8 sessions.  However, when my scan was assessed, it revealed that although the cancer metastases are stable and have not progressed, they have not shrunk so it is not worth putting me through the rigours of two more cycles as they are unlikely to shrink the cancer more.  However my liver function biochemistry looks much better.  By the end of week three I am feeling a lot better, so I am sure it has done some good.  

After the review two weeks ago  it was decided to go through with Chemo 6 and then finish.  When I arrived last Tuesday for my chemo and the bone acid infusion, only the latter was administered.  There was not doctor's note to say prescribe the docetaxel (chemo cycle 6 of the programme). Some sort of communication error had occurred The onclologist Dr Rema had told the pharmacy and the treatment clinic to cancel the next lot of chemo - she meant 7 and 8, but I was arriving last week for number 6.  In the end I had to go home and sort it out by ringing the oncologist.  She was most embarrassed she had not been more specific.  The letter she sent me was very specific, but the chemo nurses needed authorisation from the oncologist and she was in a different hospital.  I did get another appointment for this week.  So between cycles this time I have had 4 weeks respite and finally started feeling much better in week 4, did more walking and cycling than I have done for ages and at a more normal pace.  I was staying in Surrey near the Surrey Hills this weekend as the rest of the family had gone to do the Saunders Mountain Marathon in the lake district.  I have done quite a few of the Saunders Mountain Marathons in the past so

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